On-Line Meetings

This page was originally set up to keep everyone in District 30 up to date on which meetings are currently available as on-line meetings, and how to participate in them. We are now listing on-line and “live” meetings in a single list, since some meetings are using both formats, which is available here. All of the District 30 on-line meetings are using the “Zoom” video-conferencing system. You will need one of the Zoom clients, which are available for most computers, phones, and tablets for free, from their download center here.
Note: Not all of the meetings which have set up on-line video-conferencing have chosen to list their login information publicly. If you do not see your regular meeting on the “Printable” list of meetings , please call the Delta Intergroup 24-hour helpline, at (209) 464-1594, or check with your group secretary, GSR, or other responsible members to see if an on-line meeting is available, and if so, how to participate in it. Zoom is now requiring passwords for all meetings (many of the on-line meetings were previously not requiring passwords, so for security purposes, we were not posting them on this page). Since passwords will now be required for all meetings, and meeting security will be maintained by the host admitting users after they log into a “waiting room”, we will now be posting passwords for all the groups who want to post them. Please submit updates and additions as necessary to make your meetings accessible.

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Managing on-line meetings: For some guidelines and suggestions to meeting hosts on how to manage video-conferencing meetings, click here. For more suggestions from A.A. Intergroup of San Francisco and Marin about how to handle possible problems, see Handling Online Meeting Disruptions in the Moment, Personal Anonymity, Default Settings, and Managing Meeting Participants. Also, for any on-line participants who may not already have access to the usual readings used at meetings, here are downloadable PDF files of Chapter Three: More About Alcoholism, Chapter Five: How it Works, The Twelve Traditions, and The Promises.