For GSRs

GSR Preamble

We are the General Service Representatives.  We are the link in the chain of communication for our groups with the General Service Conference and the world of A.A.

We realize that the ultimate authority in A.A. is a loving God as he may express Himself in our group conscience.  As trusted servants, our job is to bring information to our groups in order that the group can reach an informed group conscience.  Passing along this group conscience we are helping to maintain the unity and strength so vital to our fellowship.

Let us, therefore, have the patience and tolerance to listen while others share, the courage to speak up when we have something to share, and the wisdom to do what is right for our groups and A.A. as a whole.

CNIA District 30 – 2022 Calendar of Events

CNIA Pre-Conference Assembly 2022

Preparing for the Pre-Conference Assembly

72nd General Assembly – Final Agenda Topics

GSR expense estimate for five assemblies for 2022

GSR Expense Claim Form

Sunday, February 27 — 3 PM
72nd General Service Conference Agenda Topics Workshop
Zoom Meeting ID Code 812 6679 8239, Password “351437
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Many of the venues used for live meetings in District 30 are now requiring groups to carry liability insurance. To reduce the possible cost burdens on individual meetings, the District has obtained an “umbrella” insurance policy, which any groups that meet the requirements can sign onto, at no additional expense, to meet the requirements for their meeting venue. Please download and review the insurance guidelines (below), and then, if your meeting qualifies and you are interested in being covered by this policy, download and fill out the insurance application form (also below) and return it to the District 30 Insurance Coordinator, as described in the form.

Meeting Insurance Guidelines for CNIA District 30

CNIA District 30 Insurance Form